You will find the best nudist beaches in Mallorca along the entire coast

You can find more information about all nudist beaches mentioned in this article.
It is possible to swim naked on any Mallorca beach, but it is best to choose beaches that are popularly accepted. There are many beaches in Mallorca where you can sunbathe or swim naked. However, some of these beaches tend to be crowded.

It is legal to sunbathe and bathe naked. Spain is the only European country where it is allowed to do so in public spaces. Spanish laws guarantee the right to be naked.

Never swam naked at the beach. You will experience new sensations, so we encourage you to give it a try. __S.9__ You can choose a quiet, secluded beach in Mallorca if this is your first visit.

Do you enjoy sunbathing or swimming naked? Are you a fan of nudism? You can use our list of nude beaches to help you get to know the island and activate the geolocation to make it easier to locate it.

There are many coves that lie far away from the main towns so you can swim nakedhere is our list of the best nudist beaches on Mallorca. You can find more information about each beach at the end of this article.

1 – Es Trenc
This is the most famous nudist beach in Mallorca. It is a lovely sandy beach, located close to the Colonia de Santa Jordi. is notable for its clear waters.

2 – Beach at Sa Canova
It is the second on our list. It’s located in the Bay of Alcudia between the towns of Son Serra de Marina e Colonia de Sant Pere. It is very popular, and highlights the natural environment.

3 – Cala Matzoc
It is located in the Arta natural park. This lonely beach is very beautiful and little visited

4 – Es Coll Baix
One of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca is located in Alcudia.

5 – Es Carbo
Colonia de Sant Jordi surrounds itself with beautiful beaches. Es Carbo beach, a sandy beach with clear waters and less popular than nearby Es Trenc, is one of these.

6 – Cala Mgraner
This stunning pebble beach is located in Manacor. Although it is quite remote, it is easily accessible.

7 – Cala Molto
Cala Molto can be found near Cala Agulla, in Cala Ratjada. It is small but it is located in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

8 – Cala Camps Vells
It is located between the towns of Colonia De Sant Pere, Betlem and Alcudia. It is a calm beach, but does not have protection from the waves.

9 – Cala Torta
It is located in the Natural Park of Arta, near Cala Matzoc. This popular sandy beach is very well-known.

10. Cala Tuent
Cala Tuent can be found on the north coast Mallorca. The surroundings are stunning.

Remember that these beaches can be very crowded during July and August by those who don’t practice nudism.


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