The fourth most fascinating country in Europe preferred for a luxurious living in Spain. It is an extremely rich and pleasant to the country to live in and is spread over 500,000 square kilometers (Index Mundi).

The country dominates for a lot of things. It has the most appealing sports and the best weather paradise. Spain produces the best beef, fish, olive oil, cheese, fruits included high-quality kiwi and best wines. At least the most exclusive ones. Italy is the largest importer of Spanish olive oil.

They just don’t know how to sell their own excellent products but, when it comes to luxurious properties, Spain always ranks the top.

Buying property through real estate agents in Spain comes down to a matter of personal preferences and lifestyle choices. Planning to buy a house in Spain is quite a hectic task as luxury real estate in Spain is divided into many prime locations.

Wealthiest municipalities in the land of Spain for housing purpose

We investigated the riches Spanish municipalities for investing and buying homes so that making a decision will be easier for you.

1.     La Moraleja

The municipality of La Moraleja in the city of Alcobendas in Madrid is the most elite one where many celebrities choose to live in. The average income of households in this municipality is €113,642, which is eight times higher than Carrus, the poorest suburb in Spain (EL PAIS).

In 2005, the English footballer David Beckham bought a luxurious house in the tycoon Madrid suburb for £3 million and sold it for £4.2 million after renovation to a millionaire Spanish entrepreneur.

The prices of properties depend on the size, construction, the facilities, and condition of the plot. Usually, the constructions in this municipality are villas ranging from 1500 to 10,000 square meters.

Smaller plots are available for as low as one million euros or semidetached properties and flats in private estates for half a million. Big mansions of about hectare in size and established in the central area can cost up to 20 million euros (Promora).

2.     Pozuelo de Alarcón

The rich municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón located on the western part of Madrid has an average disposable income €62,390 (Spain Homes). Right now there are more than 1400 housing properties and flats for sale in Pozuelo with an average price of €3300 per square meter. The highest prices of giant mansions are 17 million euros build on a span of 3000 square meters (Idealista).

The high-quality properties built-in privileged areas have all the amenities that one find in an upper-class community. The family-style outdoor houses city has a luxurious feel. Most of them are located near the central city but have good transportation links.

The prices for a flawless 12 bed/14 bath luxurious real estate property is €9,071,825 while you can get 8bed/8bath house for €4,070,691. If you want a more luxury experience, then you can buy a detached villa built on 560 to 600 square meter for €1,290,000 with extra amenities and a private pool.

3.     Sarria-Sant Gervasi

Sarria-Sant Gervasi is a huge and prestigious district of Barcelona is 20,800 per capita representing the income of 47.9% of the city’s population (Barcelona).

The district is favored by the upper class and has many outstanding villas for sale. The prices are starting from €2,350,000 for a 450 square meter floor area. Bigger villas can cost you €5,900,000 or above for 998 meter square and include spectacular gardens and swimming pool (barnes-barcelona).

The area has a great community feel as many best hospitals, restaurants, and shops are located within the area or at a short taxi distance from the center of the town.

4.     Salamanca district

Among the 21 districts in Madrid, Salamanca is one of the districts with a deep cultural history and best properties. It is named after Marqués de Salamanca, an architect who displayed its properties in the nineteenth century.

The average disposable income of families in the municipality of Salamanca is €61,562, which is quite high (Spain Homes). When thinking to a buy a house in this district, keep in mind the privileges you’ll enjoy here such as fascinating buildings, clean roads, museums, gymnasiums, sports, and country’s top hotels.

The two main property types you’ll find in the posh areas are flats or penthouses. A regular penthouse with four bedrooms will cost you €2,675,000 while a fully furnished one can be sold for €7,525,000 and higher prices.

For apartments, the prices are much lower starting from €1,500,000 to €990,000 with amenities included like a garage.

5.     La Finca

La Finca is home to high-class people, including many artists and footballers. Los Lagos is the most posh area in the residential estate of La Finca, where you can find a wide range of property options according to your needs and affordability.

You can buy a spacious villa with a floor area of 2700 square meter in 20 million euros. A villa with a floor area of 1900 square meter is available for 11 million euros and 700 meter square villa in 3.4 million euros.

The worlds highest-paid athlete Cristiano Ronaldo also owns a luxury La Finca mansion in the most expensive area for $450 million, which is equal to €382,340,802 (Sport One). The mansion is standing on 8,600 square meters with 7 bed/8 baths, play area, and a room where he displays his trophies.

6.     Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

The capital of Balearic Islands, Ibiza is much more than a party and vacationing spot. The prices of houses have increased significantly in the past decade. The recent data reveals that the price reached to €3,709 in 2019, which suggests a 56.6% gain (The Local es).

The key drivers behind this amazing growth is an expansion for the Spain travel and tourism industry that significantly led to increased short term prices of rentals.

The white-washed Ibizan apartments and villas are appreciated by elite class people who want to enjoy the wild nights and peaceful Sundays, both at one place. If this is the case with you, the Ibiza is your safest bet.

Built on 400 square per meter big villas under construction are available for sale at €8,500,000. It is expected that the prices will increase further upon the completion of the construction project. However, the completed and fully polished villas are available for much higher prices such as €12,000,000 and higher.

7.     Zarautz

Rich looking real estate properties in Zarautz district comes in various architectural styles from classic constructions to modern style homes. From small homes to be enjoyed by couples to huge villas to create a family atmosphere, Zarautz has a wide range of ideal luxury real estate options. Selling a property in Zarautz is very easy with a good marketing plan in place.

The price per square meter of houses is 4200 euros. The terraced style apartments are available for as low as €329,000 while huge villas can go up to €898,000.

A flat or villa in the neighborhood of Zarautz is a great investment because the quiet and peaceful area is perfect for living alone and with a family.

8.     Formentera

According to the latest news, Formentera (part of the Balearic island) is the most exclusive municipality in Spain concerning property purchasing. The prices depend on the floor area and the locality.

The price per square meter is €7,643 and for posh areas €957, which is quite high (Archyde). You can find a good villa between the ranges of €2,450,000 to €6,580,000.

You can buy a wide range of commercial property, including villas, flats, and apartments in the prime location. Most of the construction emerges from the natural surroundings with spectacular scenes that will refresh your mind and soul.

9.     Deia

The average price of the square meter is above 5,909 euros in Deya (a municipality in Balearic island), making it quite an expensive residential area for renting and buying property.

If you are a true environmentalist and love village life, then purchasing a real estate in this location would be your best decision. Living in a detached villa in the classic village of Deia can be a satisfying experience. You will be surrounded by a lush green artistic atmosphere where you can loosen up yourself after a tiring day.

The prices highly vary depending on the location and property condition. You’ll find a rustic house for €630,000, but a big villa with more bedrooms and facilities can cost you around €11,900,000 or more (Right Move).

10. San Sebastián 

San Sebastián is one of the priciest municipality in Spain. It is not only expensive for buying property but also for summer travellers as people pay an average €177 for a single night in a double room hotel.

The Paseo de Miraconcha city is the popular spot for elites to buy a house. The homes on the high-status seafront avenue and in the center of the city cost €9,453 per square meter, which are all-time high in Spain (Financial Times).

You’ll find residential buildings in abundance while villas are generally located away from the busy city. The prices of flats at privileged locations with garage and lift facility are pretty high, ranging from €455,000 to €610,000.


Spain is undoubtedly a beautiful and peaceful country. The factors that add up to the beauty of the country are the sea views and greenery, which significantly helps to mitigate the effects of pollution and rising industrialization.

Undoubtedly, Spanish properties are mesmerizing because of their unique modern style architecture with a traditional touch in their interior design.

But the price is a major factor when it comes to buying a house in Spain. These are the top ten richest municipalities in Spain that can be a good option for making a house investment.

It is expected that the prices of housing in Spain will further increase in the coming years.

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