Sóller is a town and municipality linked to Palma (the capital city of Mallorca) by a historic railway, Ferrocarril de Soller, and a high way with a tunnel. The tunnel was built in the nineties and characterizes the longest in the island, 3023m.

Despite the busy nature of the road and besides linking two big cities, the tunnel is surrounded by a lot of insecurities. Many Spanish motorist associations have informed the public severally on security-related problems. This is perhaps the reason why bicycles and pedestrians are not allowed to use the path. 

Recent reports hold that the traffic way will experience a month of night restrictions because of construction works aimed at optimizing security. The restraints will run with roads closed daily from 11 pm until 6 am, beginning Wednesday, February 19th, 2020. Restrictions will run throughout the weeks, Fridays and Saturdays excluded.

Work to be done here includes; replacing the brackets holding the pipe that supplies the fire hydrant system. At this level, brand new support fixed directly into the wall will be mounted and integrated into the pipe. 

Also, Consell de Mallorca has pledged to seize the short-down opportunity to execute other maintenance work amongst which is; repairs of the north traffic lights, installation of 30hydrants for the tunnel’s fire system, repairs on the drainage and sweeping systems as well as the repainting of the road.

To add, improvement to guarantee the safety of the tunnel where formal support could lead to injuries of drivers in case of a crash had been warranted as reported by the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.

 It is worth noting that, these actions are a part of the series of improvement measures undertaken which also includes the installation of a generator connecting to a ventilation system to cater for emergencies.



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