The Spanish government intends to tests Spaniards across many homes in Spain in an attempt to completely appreciate the scope of the coronavirus epidemic.

The purpose of the exercise is to determine how many persons have previously recovered from COVID-19, who may, thus, possess antibodies that make them possibly immune and inadequate to further contaminate others.

The investigation will consider sixty-two thousand four hundred tests conducted in thirty thousand homes across Spain.

High-speed blood tests bought in China, which measures the levels of antibodies and determines if an individual is sick or is a recovered COVID-19 patient, were tested at the Carlos III Institute and then sent to the self-governing communities.

Although there is a probability for false negatives (resulting from persons who are still within first few days of infection), the health ministry has ordered a follow-up PCR test for individuals who test negative to the Coronavirus.

 The bulk testing will commence in the days ahead though health chiefs are yet to commit to exact start date.

The whole tests will be repeated 3weeks afterwards.

How will the testing run?
Experts from the National Statistics Institute (INE) will be choosing the specimen, centring around homes which have not been tested.

Health specialists will not leave obligations in the hospitals to conduct the exercise since it entails just a prick of the finger.

Groups of two persons per team, in some 500 teams of government workers, are expected to run the test, visiting about 10 homes daily across the sample areas.

Participants in the bulk testing exercise will not be obliged to take a test, with those taking the specimens needing a signature on a consent form. Parents are expected to give their consent to have their children tested.

Lifting of shutdown restrictions 
Preceding investigations have seen that the spread of the novel coronavirus varies differently across the Spanish regions.

Although the country’s Health Ministry has not disclosed the actions for lifting the national lockdown, it is anticipated to differ across the independent communities. This is to mean, regions less affected or those with rapid improvements may see restrictions lifted sooner.

However, the government is yet to announce when we can expect the lifting to start.

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