The ministry of Ecological Transition in Spain has launched the Second National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change, intending to become climate neutral by 2050.  

The plan outlined fresh strategies to serve as a ‘rule manual’ to assist transform the nation’s emissions.  

The paper incorporated all fields of climate change comprising; biodiversity, transportation, power, water usage, agriculture (hunting, fishing, farming, livestock) as well as desertification.

The government equally plans to use this as an incentive towards fulfilling the ‘Green New Deal’ – a project from the 2019 elections by the PSOE party to use the country’s reserves and drive for a greener nation.  

However, it is worth noting that temperatures in Spain have been rising on average by one-degree Celsius since the 1980s with Summer periods increasing by up to 5 weeks. 

Also, desertification and the loss of wild habitats have equally extended to several locations of Andalucia and overpopulated towns have increased in capacity by up to 12% since 1996. 

According to WHO records, approximately ten thousand people die each year due to the impact of climate change; comprising air pollution and or natural disasters like flooding and storms. 

Teresa Ribera, vice president of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, proclaimed the updated document on Wednesday during a press briefing. 

Teresa Ribera explained that “the economic consequences of climate change considerably surpass the expenses involved in maintaining it.”

Notwithstanding, researchers recently reported that the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown (since March 14), has lessened air pollution by up to 64%. But experts have however warned that people must learn to adapt to how we live otherwise we will be back to square one. 

Furthermore, some Hollywood superstars like Madonna and Penelope Cruz recently wrote an open letter to the French newspaper Le Monde to reemphasise the advice of transforming the world’s actions towards climate post-COVID-19.

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