Tips for your first time ski trip


Are you going on winter sports for the first time this season? An excellent choice, because winter sports is fantastic! Nevertheless, a skiing holiday is a different undertaking than a week’s relaxation on a southern European beach. There is a lot of preparation in advance! What do you need to know, do and buy when you go on winter sports for the first time? Read it here!

1. First time on winter sports? Take lessons!

Are you going on winter sports for the first time and don’t have any experience yet? Take lessons! There is nothing more stupid than going down the slopes without being able to ski says Albagora.

Don’t put yourself and others at risk and take some lessons to learn some skills. You can, of course, take a few days of skiing lessons on the spot. In each ski area you have several ski schools where you can take group or private lessons.

With a bit of luck, there are also English-speaking instructors available. If you go on winter sports with people who can already ski, then it’s best to take some lessons prior to the winter sports. This way, the difference in level is smaller and you can all go down the same piste together. It’s a lot of fun!

2. Get fit to travel!

Experienced skiers will be less affected, but if you are a beginner, skiing can be quite tiring. And we’re not even talking about lugging heavy ski gear! So it’s no superfluous luxury to make sure you are fit prior to your trip. A strong body is once less prone to injuries. Exercise, eat healthy and go to bed on time.

Then you can take on the whole world! Do you notice on the spot that you are tired and that skiing is more difficult? It’s really no problem to skip a day and grab a moment for yourself! Enjoy an afternoon in the sauna, bingewatch your favourite series in front of the fireplace or go shopping. That way, the energy will come back on its own!

3. Choose a ski area for beginners

Maybe the destination is already fixed, but if you don’t know yet where you want to go skiing, choose a ski area suitable for beginners. This means there should be plenty of easy, blue slopes. If the choice of easy pistes is limited, you will often have to go down the same pistes and after a while this becomes quite boring.

If you still don’t know if you’re going to like skiing, make sure there are plenty of other activities to do as well. Think tobogganing, tobogganing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, shopping or a day at the spa. If you get tired of skiing after two days, there is no reason to get bored!

4. Choose the right accommodation

Whether you choose a hotel or apartment, in the centre or on the slopes: the options are endless in most winter sports areas. Nevertheless, it can be useful to determine your wishes in advance. For example, do you opt for a hotel including breakfast and dinner, so that after a long day you don’t have to look for a restaurant or have to stand in the kitchen yourself?

Or do you prefer to cook in a spacious apartment with the whole group of friends or family? It is also possible to have food delivered by catering in many places. Every day there is a breakfast, snack for after skiing and dinner ready. Often the costs are not that high. And do you want to be able to ski directly from the door or do you don’t mind a walk or ride with the ski bus to the lift? Choices!

5. Going to the snow by car? Prepare your ride well!

Most people go on winter sports by car. Because of the long drive and the winter conditions, this trip requires the necessary preparations. There are a number of rules and obligations you have to abide by.

Winter tires and snow chains are a must in most cases, but also think of mandatory toll vignette and measures for breakdowns on the road. If you go on winter sports by car, take a look at this handy article with rules and tips for your trip to the snow. This is how to get into your car prepared!

6. You’d rather not take the car? Then take the train or the plane!

Although the car is a popular way to travel to the Alps, many people choose to go to the snow by plane. An air trip to the Alps takes less than 1.5 hours, so you’ll be on the slopes in no time. Transavia, among others, offers a lot of flights in the winter season to Salzburg and Innsbruck in Austria, Grenoble and Chambéry in France and Verona in Northern Italy.

You can fly from anywhere. Single tickets are offered from 29,- euro! Click here for all options. Prefer to take the train? Of course you can. At NS International you can book train journeys to winter sports areas in, for example, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. View all options on the NS International website.

7. A package trip can be inexpensive!

You can choose to book your stay (and transport) separately, but travel companies also offer package holidays. In some cases, these can be very advantageous, especially when it comes to last minute offers! If you book a winter sports package holiday, then in most cases you book your accommodation including a ski pass, so that’s nice and easy.

When it comes to transport, you have the choice between your own transport or a package trip including a flight.

8. First time winter sports: buy or borrow skiwear?

Skis, ski poles, ski boots and a helmet can be rented on the spot, but unfortunately not clothing. If you are going on winter sports for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming when you hear what you need to buy. A ski suit, thermo underwear, ski socks, skipullies, ski goggles… and then the list is not even complete.

If you don’t know if you’re going to ski more often, it’s just as easy to borrow skiwear from a friend or relative. This will save you a lot of money. If that doesn’t work, you can buy skiwear at Decathlon for a reasonable price.

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