If you’ve got a garden with your property, it can be fantastic and stylish way to create an extra space with unique functionality. Here are some top ways you can make best use of your garden room!

Home offices

Finding that working from home has become a chore with constant distractions from the family and the frustration of having to get work done from the dining room?

If you need that quiet space to focus on your work and really be productive, there’s no better solution than a garden home office. Many higher-end structures are double glazed and well insulated, making them ideal for work all year round.

Garden studios

Ideal if you’re an artist needing a tranquil space to paint in or a writer needing peace and calm to get your creative juices flowing.

Why not let the garden be your inspiration, rather than the kitchen table? Many garden rooms have large windows to let in lots of natural light, and open plan flooring you can have plenty of space for all of your projects.

Garden gym

Imagine being able to step out of your house and straight into the gym without having to face the commute. Garden rooms are commonly used as gyms as they can be spacious and intimate at the same time. No need to worry about the hygiene of equipment or feeling self conscious in front the beef-cakes. You will no-doubt find you go to your new gym a whole lot more often too with it only being a few steps away.

Multipurpose summer houses

The beauty of a garden room is that it can be a blank canvas for whatever you want it to be. They also make for fantastic multi-purpose rooms, serving as comfortable, stand-alone accommodation for guests at the same time as giving you a go to space for your hobbies, work or even just a place to escape family life with a good book and a cup of tea.

There really is no end of uses with a garden room!

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