Spain emerges second to Italy (as European member most affected by coronavirus) and fifth in the world with the highest coronavirus count after a spike of on Wednesday night.

 The most recent report affirms over 4200 coronavirus cases across Spain with 120 deaths resulting from the COVID-19 infection. Among these figures, Madrid is the worse city reportedly affected with more than 2000 victims. In the Balearic Islands, Mallorca hosts 17 COVID-19 victims with one reported death; Menorca has three cases and Ibiza one. 

With the recent bans on social gatherings, schools shutdowns and towns under quarantine and as the Spanish government continue to target measures to prevent further spreads, here are the fresh travel advice for vacationers booking flights to Mallorca and or already in Mallorca.  

How safe is travelling to the Balearic Island?

Presently, there exist no travel restraints to the island due to coronavirus as the UK government still considers it safe for travels. 

But the island is for the main time viewed as “special area of containment” with several bans.  

Transitory measures like the shutting of schools (nurseries, and universities inclusive), sports centres, daycare centres together with restriction of gatherings of over 1,000 people, have been implemented for the affected areas. 

Festivals have been postponed, clubs, pubs and casinos are to close in Mallorca and Ibiza whereas bars eateries, theatres and cinemas will reduce activities by one third. 

Notwithstanding, the Spanish government warns against all but essential travels especially to Madrid and La Rioja of the Basque Country (the municipalities of La Bastida and Vitoria), Miranda de Ebro (in Castilla y Leon) as it encourages remote working where possible. 

Should I call off my vacation to the Balearic Islands?

Well! As long as the major airports are operational, any vacationer due to travel to the Balearic Island might not get a refund once s/he requests a cancellation.

Reimbursement for tour operators applies only to situations where the Foreign Offices changes travel recommendations, declaring a region(s) as a no go area(s).

Hitherto, the Balearic Islands have not been categorized as such.

Besides, autonomous hotels are not mandated to reimburse money on such occasions. Consequently, paying in advance and not showing up may submit you to the risk of not getting your money back.

But if the hotel is a large chain, you may want to request a change to a different location or a postponement although they remain under no compulsion to grant that.

Vacationers are however recommended to crisscross their Travel Insurance Providers to find out whether there is a way out even though the option remains doubtful.

Are you already in Spain’s Mallorca?

No need to leave. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, FCO, is by no means proposing that people should leave but advises that individuals should submit to the advice of the Spanish government as well as their confined authority.

To begin with, it is often imperative to be on guard; watch out for symptoms like coughing, high temperatures, shortness of breath, tiredness, aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose or diarrhoea and report to the hospital as soon as possible.

Again, make it a habit to always wash your hands with soap and water – particularly once you arrive work and or home as this reduces the risk of contracting the infection. In cases where soap and water are unavailable, antibacterial hand sanitizer can do the magic.

Similarly, avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands. Also, when sneezing, make sure to cover mouth and nose with tissue or sleeve, not hands and dump all used tissues in the trash can. Do your utmost best to avoid gatherings and contacts with COVID-19 victims.

To conclude, although a few of its victims have recovered, there is currently no cure for coronavirus as antimicrobials are inefficient, stay save and call 111 once you notice symptoms.









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