To begin with, the Spanish Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska broadcasted the closure of borders last Monday, 48 hours after the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, declared the state of alert. 

Does this mean no one can leave or enter Spain? 

Far from that! This doesn’t imply that the frontiers are shut down completely but indicates checks at the borders of the Schengen zone. 

Travelling into and or out of Spain within the state of alert period will require valid documentation plus essential reasons (high restrictions of leisure trips ). For example; a clothes shopping voyage to Morrisons from neighbouring Marbella, wouldn’t be permitted. 

This implies that individuals would require legal documentation, as well as valid reasons, to be certified to cross into Spain. Thus, the approximated 10,000 persons who live in Spain and work over the border will be allowed on the condition that they prove essential documents to ascertain it.

Besides, only Spanish citizens and or those with a Spanish residence license are authorised to transverse into Spain amid the border closure. 

Similarly, cross-border workers are not prohibited from crossing into and out of Spain to their workplaces and or residence.  

Also, goods across the frontiers will be permitted with little or no stops at all. 

Is it still possible to leave Spain amid the coronavirus crisis?

Yes, it is. For instance, assuming you want to drive back to your home country from Spain in your car, you will be permitted to leave. But it is worthwhile to possess all the papers necessary for the journey, like proof of home address, passports, and forward ferry tickets to exhibit at the checkpoint. 

Moreover, conferring to the exceptions of the lockdown put forth in the State of Alert Decree, people travelling across Spain (to catch a ferry or drive via France to the UK) are restricted to remaining on the road and must stop only at lodgings or service centres. They are however strictly prohibited from parking up, picnicking and or roaming about.

Furthermore, the Spanish Government does not prohibit land border voyages from Spain to France but the French officials will require some documentation when driving back from France to Spain. This includes; the filling of a declaration to describe your motive for travelling likewise a prove of your forward travel plan (ferry/rail ticket). 

What duration?

Except the Spanish Congress authorises an extension, the shutdown will exist only for the period of the state of alert, 15 days, called on Friday, March 13th.

 Which other country closed its borders to Spain?

The Portuguese government proclaimed on Monday that it shall close its frontier with Spain to tourists for up to 30days to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

The Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa declared this via videoconference with Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Prime Minister. 

Even so, merchandises and people working across the borders will be permitted but not those on relaxation tours. 

Are flights and ferries cancelled?

The Spanish government has not closed its air and maritime borders although air commuters are suffering immense interruptions following numerous flight cancellations as many countries have placed bans to travellers from Spain.  

Hope you found this guide helpful.


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