Twenty-eight years old suspect, who had been on the run for 9days for allegedly stabbing sister, trapped down by the Policia Nacional, Mallorca


Mallorca Police have arrested a man who has been on the run for 9 days, after stabbing his sister.

He allegedly stabbed his sister after a series of furious argument resulting from her failure to clean their household in Manacor.

Out of anger, he supposedly got her well beaten, pull a knife out of the kitchen while gripping her by the neck. Dumping her on the bed, he struggled to knife her around the abdominal area before departing the scene.

Notwithstanding the strong defence she assumedly put up against her sibling, the lady suffered severe cuts to her backing.

Paramedics and authorities from the Policia Nacional arrived the scene a few minutes from when the emergency services were informed.

The lady was administered first aids and then transported by ambulance to Manacor Hospital for proper treatment.

The story was told to the police by her partner who had been in the scene at the time of the assault.

Successively, a warrant was then ordered for his arrest.

A former report held that the young had visited his mom’s residence where he made severe destructive attempts including threats towards life before setting out for the run.

Nine days later, he yielded to the officers at the Superior Police Headquarter in Palma, denying all the accusations labelled against him. He, however, claimed that his sister attempted an attack on him with a stick before accidentally cutting herself with the knife.

Nonetheless, the young man who is said to have a wide criminal record has been charged with attempted murder in addition to intimidation with violence. He will remain under police watch until later this week when he will be brought to court.




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