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1. Name of the Island

The name of the island originates from an old Latin phrase ‘insula maior’ that means ‘larger island’. The Romans and Spaniards would use this phrase in ancient times to refer to the island because Mallorca is the largest island in all of Spain. Over time, the phrase was mispronounced and corrupted. The British pronounced it as Majorca, while the rest of World simply referred to it as Mallorca.

2.Tourists have been flocking to the island since 1952.

The Mallorcan Island has played host to human societies since 5000 BC. In 123 BC, the Romans took over the island. Tourists have been flocking to the island since 1952. Most of these tourists want to experience the remnants of these ancient civilizations that in the past have ruled Mallorca.

3. Famous invasion was that of King James I .

Many armies have invaded Mallorca. The most famous invasion was that of King James I of Aragon who invaded the island with 1,500 horses’ and 15,000 men. The invasion took place at Santa Ponsa, which is an important entry point into the island, on the 8th of September 1229.

4. ‘La Seu’ cathedral

The ‘La Seu’ is one of the island’s most prestigious heritage sites; it is a huge cathedral built on a mosque after the Mulla’s overthrow in Spain. The construction of the cathedral began in 1229 and ended in 1601.

5. Robert Graves best English poets.

Robert Graves, one of the best English poets and scholars of all time, is also among the first foreign settlers from England on the island. He chose to settle in the little known village of Deià in Mallorca.

6.Duncan Ferguson on Majorca?

Mallorca is the hometown of Duncan Ferguson, a prominent football player who played for Everton Football Club.

7.‘La Balanguera

‘La Balanguera’, an adaptation of a local poem is Mallorca’s national anthem. The poem comes from a popular but ancient song commonly sang by Mallorcan children about a spider.

8.Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the most concentrated region of the island population. In fact, nearly half of Mallorca’s entire population lives in Palma.

9. 27,832,865 visitors

Mallorca is home to millions of visitors each year. For instance, there were more than 27,832,865 visitors to the island through the Son Sant Joan Airport at Palma in 2014. In the same year, over 1.5 million visitors visited the island by sea.

Top 15

10. 3,400 restaurants in Mallorca

There were more than 3,400 restaurants in Mallorca in 2015. The Mallorcan Tourist Board reported these figures.

11.35,000 cyclists

The island also plays host to over 35,000 cyclists annually. These cyclists are not only professional cyclists who like to take advantage of the island’s terrain, but also consist of cycle tourists as well.

12.Mallorca beaches

The Mallorca beaches are some of the most visited in the world. For example, over 500,000 tourists visit the Es Trenc beach annually. These tourists are so vast in numbers that they carry away as much as twenty-five tonnes of sand from the beach.

13. The Cap de Formentor

The ‘Cap de Formentor’ protrudes at the eastern end of the Formentor peninsula on the island. The Mallorcan people refer to this cape as the ‘point of meeting winds’.

14. olive mills and olive groves

The island is increasingly becoming famous for its olive mills and olive groves. This has led to the development of olive tourism on the island, with many of these mills and grooves now converted into museums or tourist sites.

15. The Mallorca wine

The island is world renowned for its elegant and great tasting wine. The red variety wine mostly consists of Manto Negro, Sauvignon, Syrah Monastrell, Merlot and Tempranillo. The white variety consists of Prensal Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscatel, Macabeo, and Parellada. The best wine region on the island is Bodega.

16. Ensaimadas

Mallorca is home to ‘Ensaimadas’, which is a local pastry only available on the island.

17. Drink water

The best water to drink in Mallorca is mineral water. It is nutritious water and is actually safer than normal tap water.

18. The sobrasada

The star meat product of Mallorca is sobrasada sausage, which has been a traditional delicacy on the island for centuries. The meat use in making these sausages is pork meat.

19. The largest nightclub in Mallorca

The largest nightclub in Mallorca, BCM is located in the Avenida S’Olivera region. The club boasts of having the largest foam machine in the world. The club is well known worldwide for its popcorn, water and foam parties.

Top 20

20. Nude Beaches?

Mallorca does have nude beaches. They are, however, private beaches. No one in Spain let alone this island can parade themselves without wearing clothes in public.

21.Famous Newspaper

Mallorca has been feature in various newspaper reports as a possible site for various clandestine CIA activities including possible rendition programs of an extraordinary nature. ‘Diario de Mallorca’ published the most credible report on these programs on the 14th of November 2006.

22.Average age in Mallorca ?

The average age in Mallorca is 33 years old. This makes the island home the oldest in terms of average age of all the islands in Spain



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