A PCR test may be required for holidaymakers to Spain, depending on their Covid status and the travel requirements of their country. This article will provide information about the cost and whereabouts of this type test.

Do you need a PCR to travel from Spain to your country?It depends on the country you are traveling to and whether or not you have been vaccinated for Covid-19.

As things stand, however, the UK expects all travellers to be fully vaccinated and to undergo a PCR (antigen test) before they return home.

It is important to find out what your country’s risk rating for Spain and what the rules are for unvaccinated travelers to Spain from official sources.

You might also consider an antigen test. This is a quicker and more affordable alternative to PCR testing. It also allows you to set the time frame for each test (typically 72 hours for PCR tests).

Where can you get a PCR test done in Spain?

Private clinics, laboratories and even pharmacies in Madrid offer PCR testing.

You can ask staff at your hotel to recommend a place if you are in Spain. You can find out more.

You can also use Google or Google Maps to locate the nearest facility that offers PCR testing.

Photos: Cesar Manso/AFP

What is the cost of a PCR test in Spain?

OCU in Spain, a Spanish consumer association, estimates that the average cost of a PCR test is EUR120. However, in some clinics, it can go as high as EUR200.

You may be able to purchase a PCR test online for less than EUR100 depending on your location. Although you may be able to find the results in English, it is worth searching ” precio PCR” (price for PCR test), and your location to locate all nearby labs and clinics that offer the test.

What else should I know about getting a Spanish PCR test?

The PCR sample from the patient’s throat and nose is taken with a swab. It is then sent to the laboratory for analysis. Sometimes the sample is taken from the throat and sometimes the nose. Although the PCR test isn’t painful, it can feel quite unpleasant.

Within 24 hours, you’ll likely receive your results.

You will be banned from traveling if you are positive. You cannot repeat the test. You will need to make another payment for PCR if you wish to repeat the test.

Covid-19 symptoms can be developed while you are in Spain. The official Travel Safe Tourism page advises that you “eliminate any contact with another person”

“Next, notify the information line of the region that you reside to inform the local healthcare authorities.” Public health workers will give you a PCR test if they believe you may have Covid symptoms.

Spain’s Tourism Ministry confirms that “in all cases, Spanish emergency medical services are guaranteed and rendered at hospitals and healthcare centers.”

For international tourists and travellers, there are some regions in Spain that offer free insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

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