Which Country is the World’s Least Visited?

It’s not North Korea… It’s a paradise on earth.You like to go off the beaten track? You want to discover things that few people have done before? Nauru, the least-visited country in the world, might be a good choice.However, you might need to travel quite a distance to reach your destination. You might not even be eligible for a visa.The South Pacific’s paradise island is actually the least visited country in the world. It is surrounded by turquoise waters and white sands. There are only about. There are only 200 tourists each year (and less in 2020), so you won’t be the only tourist around.nauru

The World’s Least Visited Nation

Nauru. Nauru is the least-visited country on the planet. * And, unless you are Australia – we will get to that), it is unlikely you have ever heard of it.

It is the third-smallest country in the world and the smallest island nation.

Nauru’s history is interesting and strange. In a matter of seconds, it went from riches to poverty. In the 1980s, it was able to make a fortune from the island’s phosphate resources. It was ranked among the five poorest countries in 2017 after only 30 years. What happened? Bad planning and poor spending are all possible causes of over-mining.

Let’s have a closer look at Nauru.


Population – 10,000Area: 21km2 (8.1 mi)Currency: Australian dollarTotal annual Visitors – Approx. 200Nauru, located in Micronesia, has a small land area of 21km2 (8.9 mi). It is close to Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

It was only independent in 1968, and began making a lot of money a few years later. How did it do this? Nauru was home to a large number of seagulls that used the island as a nesting place. They are a valuable resource for phosphate production, as they can be used to make fertilisers and other products. They began to mine it.

The economy boomed, and the small island nation went crazy with greed. They even started their own airline Nauru Air.

However, the majority of the phosphate had been disposed off by the 2000s and the money was also gone.

Nauru became a well-known detention center for refugees arriving in Australia. Journalists were unable to visit Nauru after word of the terrible conditions in which they were held spread. It was almost impossible to get in.


Why should you go to Nauru

Why travel anywhere else? The majority of people who visit Nauru are likely to be travellers, those traveling the pacific or just plain curious.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, palm trees and water, Nauru seems to have no other major draw-factor. We haven’t been…

How do you travel to Nauru?

It’s not difficult to travel to Nauru despite the current pandemic. Only one airline serves the country: Nauru Air. There is only one airline that serves Nauru. It can be accessed from Australia or Fiji. Flights are irregular and expensive. You will have to wait for the next flight a week after you get there.

To visit Nauru you will likely require a visa. Because of restrictions on journalists, it can take time to apply.

Once you get there, it becomes a lot easier. In just a few hours, you can easily walk across the entire country.

*There is not much information available on tourism to many of the least visited countries. There are also many contradictory facts. For many years Nauru held the title as the least-visited country in the globe, but information also lists Tuvalu as the most visited country in this region.


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