Despite The pandemic has left some of Spain’s most rural areas inaccessible. More properties are being purchased by foreigners than ever before. These are the facts Why overseas buyers are buying from these places and other reasons why they are doing so Areas that were long overlooked are now of great interest. 

Our Although the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 may have dominated lives, it did not endanger their health. However, foreigners have bought 46,303 properties across Spain. The course of the past year.

This is an impressive figure, even though it represents a 26 percent decrease when compared with 2019’s stats from Spain’s College of Real Estate Agents.

One of the most fascinating findings from the 2020 report is this: The only exceptions were Extremadura and Castilla Leon, which are located in the inland regions. Spain saw an actual increase in the number Spanish residents. Foreign buyers made property purchases last year.

The province of Avila, which shares its name and capital, The majestic, walled city Avila has a higher foreign share Buyers (10%) – Barcelona (8.7%) and Madrid (4.7%) %

Castilla Y Leon also has other provinces – Valladolid Burgos, Soria Leon, Segovia and Palencia saw more foreigners than Salamanca, Salamanca, Zamora, and Segovia. Buy properties in 2020, not in 2019.

Castilla Y León’s regional share of foreign buyers (3 %) and Extremadura (1%), still pales in comparison to What provinces such as Malaga (29%), or Alicante (36%), get? But the interior of Spain is still seeing an increase in foreign purchases This reflects the increasing interest in certain areas that have been neglected. For decades, foreigners have been ignoring this issue.

Both areas fall under what has come to be called la Espana valcia (empty Spain), an area that covers large swathes across the country. Interior have been subject to severe population decline over the last decade. The Spaniards moved to big cities in search of work.

This map was created by one of the organizations fighting against terrorism. Spain’s depopulation map shows in red where the most people have gone. Population has increased in recent years. Area 2 to the east covers large areas. Castilla Y Leon and Extremadura.

Why is it that foreigners are interested in Spain’s empty properties?

First, property in this area of Spain is significantly cheaper than those in the coast.

According to Spain’s National Statistics Institute 2020 figures, Castilla Y León’s average property cost per square meter is EUR828/sqm. Extremadura is the lowest at EUR559/sqm. Catalonia’s average price is EUR1,877/sqm.

Another reason is the consolidation in remote work in Spain and around the world due to the pandemic.

“The coronavirus revealed many truths that were not apparent to the naked eye. Fernando Encinar: “Carved in stone, one of which is remote work;” Head of research at Spanish property website Idealista said Voz Populi.

“There are millions of people who have discovered this.” They can work remotely. This will have a significant impact on Companies, where we live, to Spaniards or Europeans

The Local reported back in March. How US citizens topped property searches at Madrid, Salamanca and Avila Cuenca and Segovia came in second place in other categories, such as Guadalajara. Sevilla

This is in line with what foreigners are looking for in a country. Spain property – to be near the coast Spain’s interior is where the provinces are located, so summers can be quite hot. Summers can be scorching hot, and winters can feel bitterly cold.

Encinar stated that Avila is the city with the highest hours of sunlight in southern Europe.

“There’s a great opportunity to repopulate a part of Spain that is empty.” Europeans are looking for more than sun and beaches.

These are places with lots of sunlight and hours of light. Weather, excellent infrastructures and extraordinarily good health system

There is something appealing about starting a new life in Spain. Castillian culture and history may be a bonus. Bonus for foreigners looking for an authentic experience Spain is a great place to live.

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