Spain undeniably remains a supreme destination for tourists all over the world and one of the paramount spaces to purchase assets, whether for investment, holiday home and or retirement purposes. 

It represents one of the most popular trip destinations owing to its 17 sovereign regions characterized by great spicy food, friendly and fun loving-people, striking sceneries and blue-flag beaches, breathtaking sea views, impeccable climates and rich colourful cultural values which entices millions of vacationers and ex-pats. 

Spain typically characterizes the third leading investment markets in the European Union with an ever-increasing number of transnational enterprises, tourism industry, skilled infrastructures and land transport network not forgetting the latest- development of the renewable power industry. 

The Spanish government via the Malaga research and innovation project for information and communication technologies targets at becoming a chief actor in the research and development zone in the entire world.

Its geographical location naturally unlocks opportunities of linking with other significant trade markets like North Africa, Latin America or the Middle.

As a member of the EU, it becomes quite easy for investors in Spain to freely access the European market (with its estimated 500million costumers) and to expand their businesses to other EU countries at virtually no additional restraints.

Again, before venturing into the exciting process of running a business in a given country, investors would often look out for backbone-features like; initial investment costs, taxation, and workforce. With its low electricity costs, and relative lower employment costs (standing at 16% lower than EU averages), Spain sets out as just the perfect place for your business. Besides, almost 50% of Spain’s population is grouped under the active population with an extraordinary degree of knowledge prospecting the possibilities for proficient employees.

Furthermore, the country is exceptionally adjustable and flexible when it comes to receiving external investors. As scarce as it may be, there are no restraints applied to external citizens who come to set up businesses in Spain. They benefit from equal compensations like any other local initiatives. 

Superbly, the Spanish government has considerably reduced the administrative load on foreign investors in that; firstly, she has signed bilateral agreements with more than 50 States to institute the legal agenda for foreign investments. Secondly, investment portfolios from companies in the EU are not obliged to produce any declarations despite the sum invested. To crown it, Spain promotes investors by giving numerous incentives in diverse industries.


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