Hotel owners in Spain’s Mallorca implore the government to foster the reopening of the Son San Joan airport on July 1st for the awe that tourists might prefer the safer destinations like Greece. 

Business proprietors represented by ACH (Association of Hotel Chains) are mounting pressure on the Balearic government to reopen the tourism section in 2 months time. 

They maintain that by establishing a day to reopen the airport, airlines and tour operators will begin programming flights and this action will urge tourist to schedule vacations to the Balearic Island. 

They further claim that this would at least rescue half of the summer season and thus an opportunity for hoteliers to recover. 

Gabriel Llobera, president of the Hotel Chains Association, ACH, revealed that chief European tour operators like TUI, are proceeding to sell vacation packs to the Islands starting from July which might be a ‘catastrophic’ for the tourism sector if these were annulled.

” Tour operators have informed us that both Germans and Britons are still interested in flying to the Balearics this summer,” Llobera stated. 

 Llobera affirmed that at this instant ‘we are operating a huge risk of losing a large number of faithful customers who might opt to visit other Mediterranean destinations like Greece,’ where the state is providing ‘exceptional aid to safeguard the nation’s tourism sector.’

The organisation asserts that executing health etiquettes at airports like health passports, temperature checks as well as rapid antibody tests, would be the most ‘rational way’ to reopen tourism as this will eliminate or limit the danger of transmission from visitors to residents.

In the meantime, the Balearic Government has unveiled that it is in conversations with German executives to reopen flights to the region ‘ASAP’. 

 Francina Armengol, president of the Island, declared that it is a ‘top priority’ for the government since Germans designate a vital commercial injection for the islands and without them, the ‘Balearic tourism will experience an unparalleled blow.’

“We have to reconstruct activity before anyone else since we rely on tourism more than any other territory in the country,” she stated.

Armengol, however, holds that Germany is a guaranteed place to begin acknowledging their successes in managing the spread of COVID-19, though, the final decision will be executed by the central government under Pedro Sanchez.




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